Jesse Leon

Mita Hapsari Lukardi

Design studio Hu.E Interior Environment Design was established by Jesse Leon and Mita Hapsari Lukardi in 2009. Both individuals have worked in interior design consultancy for years, managing overseas and local projects. Before Hu.E, the young designers gained their experience in working on numerous freelance projects. And during the year of 2005 to 2008, Jesse was recruited by an award winning design firm in Singapore. While Mita joined a leading design company then moved to work under Singapore branch design studio in Jakarta. Re-united after years gaining experiences, both individuals share a common goal. That is to fight against ugliness. Thus, Hu.E Interior Environment Design was born. Now they are here to help you. And as they turn their attention to your needs, you will already know that their ideas work for you.

Interior Design

Hu.E Interior Environment Design works with all kind of interior space which includes; restaurant, café, retail outlet, commercial space, hospitality and residential projects. We professionally provide full range of interior design services such as interior design consultancy, design concept development, space planning, detail drawings, tender drawing and analysis, 3D Visual presentation and project management.

Wedding Design

Hu.E wedding division provides the whole theme and details such as design concept, decoration and material usage. We also design your invitation card, wedding cake, wedding gown, souvenir, flower arrangement with budget estimation and production. We work as designer cum decorator in order to bring the whole theme together onto your very special day.